Beloved Comic Book Store Relaunch

By Adam Pink:


The highly anticipated relaunch event for Nostalgia comics in Birmingham took place this Saturday, which showcased the dramatic refurbishment the store went through.

Nostalgia Comics has been at the forefront of the pop culture movement for over 40 years. Starting as just a small store in 1977, opposite the well known Small-brook Queens-ways, Nostalgia Comics was founded by comic enthusiast Phil Clarke and it quickly built a name for itself as the the place to be for all things pop culture.

Saturday April 13th saw hundreds of customers arriving at the door for the store’s relaunch event. Greeted by the evil Joker, the heroic Batgirl and a super goodie bag, customers bore witness to the massive restructuring that the store went through, and the unveiling of the new name Worlds Apart.

A face painting station, cosplay competition and raffle were also part of the festivities on the day, which saw the likes of Cyclops from the X-Men and Scarlet Witch of the Avengers show up to pledge their alliance to the store.


The team from Not Another Comic Con were also amongst the many that came to show their support for the event, helping with promotional videos and raffle ticket sales throughout the day. This also saw the first official video for the Not Another Comic Con’s YouTube channel, in which some high profile interviews took place.

In an interview with the manager of the store, he said how “we got to the point where we needed a refresh, and its definitely been a result… we’ve had a lot of strong feedback from it. The guys that actually did the refurb were fantastic, they’ve given us everything that we need. We carried on trading while the refurb was going on which was a strain, but we got there. With the changes we put in place we’ll be able to get a lot more of the Japanese stuff in, we’ve now got an entire 2 isles of Funko’s”

After the event on Saturday it’s clear that the store is stronger than ever and won’t be going anywhere soon, this is the place to be for all things geeky in Birmingham.

For more information on the store follow the link below:

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