Interview with Worlds Apart’s Ryan Perrow

Last week saw the long-awaited relaunch event for the beloved store Worlds Apart, formally known as Nostalgia Comics.

In an exclusive interview with team member Ryan Perrow, he explained the stores journey and the outside support they received.

What brought about the refurb of the store?

“While Nostalgia has always had its own distinct look after so many years, it had started to look a little tired. The refit has spruced the place up, as you’ve seen the store now looks much more inviting, especially to new customers.”

In terms of outside involvement, did the store receive support before and after?

“The team from Not Another Comic Con and the fine folks at Geeky Brummie have been fantastic and supported the store every single step of the way. From helping us catalogue the history of nostalgia all the way through to the birth of Worlds Apart Birmingham”

Since the refurb, what’s been the overall reaction from the customers?

“In all honesty it had been a mixed bag leading up to things, change can be unpleasant, and the older customers were concerned that the store would lose it’s ‘Nosties feel.’ However, the reaction from all who attended our relaunch day were amazed at how fresh the store looks. The look may have changed but the team in store and the community our customers help foster will always feel the same.”

In terms of the relaunch event, whats the stores hope for this?

“It’s a quality of life upgrade really, the store needed the revamp. Comic books and ‘Geek Culture’ are getting more and more mainstream attention nowadays, and hopefully the relaunch will mean those new fans can find their way into what is now a much more inviting space. The entire team enjoy sharing our passion for all things geek as any of our old school customers can tell you, we hope to share that passion with all the new customers our relaunch reaches.”

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