Cosplay is welcome and encouraged at our events for all ages and we will be hosting a cosplay competition on the day.


Our cosplay competition is free to partake in, and to watch (with a ticket), and is open to one and all!

We have three main categories (see below). Each category will have a 1st place and an honourable mention. The prizes for our winners are TBA.

The cosplay competition will start at 4pm, and last about an hour.

Participants will need to send in an audio clip, lasting up to 90 seconds. However, large groups are allocated a maximum of 2 minutes. The audio clip must be pre-edited and family friendly – no swearing or otherwise inappropriate content.

The cosplay competition operates on a first come, first serve basis – if every spot is filled applications will only be accepted in the case of participants dropping out.

Copy and paste this form into an email and attach your clip to the email.


(Add extra people here)

Cosplay Name (if applicable):

Audio name/ length:

Which category are you entering for:

Is there anything you want us to say about your cosplay? Handmade? First cosplay?:

How would you like us to announce you?:

Email this to :


  • Best in show – This is marked on performance, crafting skill, and accuracy to the character.

  • Best group- This is marked on the joint effort, skill, and performance of the group.

  • Best young cosplayer- This is specifically for our little cosplayer from ages 1-13.





Any of the follow items are not allowed in the convention, and will be removed upon arrival:

• Metal blades, whether sharp or blunt e.g. swords, axes, and knives.

• Actual guns, rifles, or artillery.

• Heavy bats, paddles or clubs including wooden or metal baseball bats.

• Bokken- a type of hard wooden (or toughened plastic) training sword.

• Explosives and incendiary devices.

• Functional strung bows or crossbows, sharp arrows or bolts.

• Heavy gas canisters.

• Protruding nails or other sharp items.

• Any other items restricted or prohibited from being carried in public by UK law.

• Props which exceed 5ft.

• Sharp pointed arrows, or other props similar.

If you purchase any of these items at the event the item must remain in its packaging during the event.

Your costume is your responsibility and we take no responsibility if it is damaged or stolen while at the event.

  • Refunds are not given if a guest cancels.
  • Refunds are only given in exceptional circumstances where evidence can be provided.
  • Any inappropriate behaviour will result in being escorted off the property and your wristband taken from you.

If you are unsure please contact us prior to the event :